Footnotes and fancy-free

Write to the website author   

     click here  

       look for the Z and please remove it to eliminate spam and other nasties.

                     This system prevents  email systems being further clogged up with

              The following message to <xxxxxx@xxxxz> was undeliverable.

           The reason for the problem: 5.1.2 - Bad destination host 
           DNS Hard Error

Early days in computing?  Proceed down the page.

In case you didn't know
When you see a dubious email, click it just once. Look at it at the foot of the page first.  Give it more than the once-over.  The email system is one of the ways of invading your computer.

Most websites have a C..ta.t page much loved by search engines. They won't find this one!  If you think otherwise, click and remember the z advice. 

When you write about your workplace, be sure not to give away telling details. These include things like where you're located, how many employees there are, and the specific sort of business you do.  source

applies to any personal info you type on your computer.  It applies to writing emails. 

Good luck with your computing!  

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