Footnotes and fancy-free



Using this site

This page is for readers who want to explore general pages.   

  1. those who would like to start using computers
  2. their tutor if they have one
  3. those who would like to improve their computer skills 
  4. their tutor if they have one
  5. mini-free-website users  ...
  6. ... including those handling digital photos and other graphics
  7. prospective Excel users 
  8. their tutor if they have one
  9. Computing for the Older and Wiser   



  1. You'll find out what you can do here.
  2. Watch this space.



  1. There are other pages aimed at specific readers which may be of interest to the general reader.  They will become apparent as you progress through the site.
  2. Many specific readers are within user-groups originating from my main website.
  3. Other user-groups will arise from using this footnotes site.

  1. Where suitable, pages use this referencing system.
  2. You can talk to each other or me by quoting the page title and the ref(s) such as 1.5 or 2.2.
  3. You need to be aware that a ref may change if there is an insertion above it.
  4. Where possible, additions will be added to the foot of the list or whatever.


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