Footnotes and fancy-free

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There may be ten footnotes, or even ten hundred. There are other pages which are much more than footnotes. "Footnotes" in the title is a take on "foot-loose". 

Either way, this site is

  1. A reference system for those in numerous user-groups within my other sites, who ask for more info etc
  2. A way anyone who wants to use a page for a specific purpose.  Just send me the text etc.  You then send the URLto your readers by email.  If it's to be anonymous, please say why.
  3. A newsletter within specific audiences.  Some are advised of a new way to send their newsletter.
  4. A way of communicating certain types of information etc to various groups quickly and independently. 
  5. A holding system. When I am working on another site, this one is quick to use. 
  6. A post box serving two or more sites independently 

Some of the results are hoped to include and be seen as fun.  They are not all listed in one place for the benefit of hawks

How it works


This is a free website and therefore it is limited in scope. 


It is a few-frills site and it is unfindable.  This page-address (URL) and/or the one you were sent, are only available via email.  At other times, a specific URL may appear elsewhere.

3  Only the page which is relevant to the reader's interest is shown, plus

  1.  the Welcome link 
  2. Using this site
  3. Write to the author 

When the site is undergoing surgery, the page(s) title may appear above the header graphic.  This title  or this one may also appear.

Yours within the ether.

Alan F Harrrison (Prof)

4 December 2012                         updated   14 Oct 2013



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