Footnotes and fancy-free

Where are you on the steps leading to computer competence and confidence?  

  1. Remember that we have had  limited contact so far.  I don't know yet how much computing you learn on your course.

  2. This is a start-at-the-beginning session re website design so miss it if you are quite competent.  If you stay, there are pages aimed at people two generations in front of you.  The next one, however, is for all ages.

  3. What kind of computer user are you?  This might help. Omit the contact aspects. 

  4. The next page is intended for absolute beginners.  However, read it in the context of starting to create your first website. here

  5. If you look at the First Steps page, you shouldn't need the Beginners link.  Look at the graphics.  The header graphic is a complex one and we'll consider how it was made.  The header graphic above is on a blue background.  The man is still indistinct.  Look for a better graphic.

  6. If you look at the Improvers page, the graphic makes the point re people two generations in front of you. Find No. 2 here and look at the graphic.   Then find No. 5 to see a different type of graphic and an even more complex graphic via its extension.  We'll talk about it.  Meanwhile, see No. 6 if you haven't grappled with it yet.

  7. Now try saving one of those graphics or any others as you travel around this website.  We'll talk about it.

  8. This bulletpoint list, as you will read more about later, has been extended to make it more readable.  There are seven items on it, not counting this one.  Also later on, you'll see that the aim is five items to a page.   

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