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Website design                        

The pages in this series are currently addressed to Level 2 Hospitality students and can be edited re Level 3 students.   


Note the time you started reading this page.

The term website design  is short for - using free-mini-websites to aid your studies and job applications.

We begin with a recap of what you have seen so far:


Make the page more appealing - look at it again, focusing on the technical aspects including all the new ones - here.


Under No.10 on that page you saw this:

You now know that Yola is free, has its limitations, and one way round one of them.  Why not try it for yourself?  Just put Yola into Google.  Yola hopes you'll sign up for an upgrade.  If it was difficult, nobody would get very far with the free version.

How many of you have started?

The future of these two sentences is in the hands of the college management. 

When I set things up with your lecturer Les, he referred you to a webpage on which I had put all the preliminary info relating to the practical session. Imagine my disappointment on learning that none of you had looked at the page before the session. more  


When you start with free Yola, after you have chosen a style, you want to add another page and come to a full stop.  Switch to Page Manager and add your new page.  You may have worked that out for yourself.  The system has many peculiarities which we can discuss.

For the moment, I'll give you just one justification for using Yola a lot.  It's the only system I have found that gives the opportunity for no header graphic combined with all the page titles down one side.  Like this.


Explore what is available.  Here is a  free Weebly site.  The material is taken from a much larger site to be looked at later.  Here's a Webs site and it has feedback facility.  

How much does the broccoli really cost here?

5   Page content


Keep to a maximum of five ideas, topics, concepts etc per page.  I often don't, as you no doubt are aware.  


This page is longer than needed as the separate topics are well spread out.  


The ability to use a numbered bulletpoint system to accomodate a simple list varies from system to system.

  1. The Yola system starts OK
  2. Until you have a lot of text.   asdas  asdasd  asdasdsad asd   asdasdad as asdadad asdadasd asdadasd asdadasd  asdadadasdasdasd  asd and want to break each item - irrespective of numbers or plain bulletpoints -  into sub-items like this aiming at 3a, 3b, 3c etc:
  3. asdas  asdasd  asdasdsad
  4.  asd   asdasdad as asdadad 
  5. asdadasd asdadasd asdadasd  
  6. asdadadasdasdasd  asd
It doesn't work.


Now total the number of different ideas, topics etc on this page.  Refer to 5a. 

Note the time you finished dealing with this page.  Make a value-for-time-spent assessment.  

Make a Free Website with Yola.