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Links deteriorate.   Webpages you thought were permanent are altered, even disappear, so check the links occasionally.

Links - started 6 January 2013 and all pages are under construction.

In order to explore free website provision, a mini-website has been created using "Webs". You can help assess its worth in the context of using Webs yourself in your job applications.  If you have plenty of time, read about the overall system here

When putting the site together, webdesignsforus  is part of the URL or site address.  The "us" means you.  The other part relates to Webs itself. 

The website is here.   It isn't perfect and the system is not entirely recommended yet.  Regard it as a series of pages of possible use which can be used once a "perfect" system has been found.  "Perfect" is a strong word in the world of the Internet!  

Some pages have satellites which are not part of the main considerations. 

Related to that site is another one.  It imagines one of you creating a website. It is here.   Start thinking about how you will structure your site.  

These are the pages (should you need them independently)which have been incorporated into the new site.  The website is here.    

  1.    Where are you? here  
  2.    Creating a website to suit your purpose here
  3.    Selection criteria  here
  4.    The magical number seven here
  5.    Start thinking about graphics here    
 Some pages have satellites.   

The main reason for creating the website here is for the students to explore its potential for their use.  Another reason is that Yola is cumbersome and the separate page approach demands links to be inserted on each page.

The last reference to Roger Smedley is here.


Make a Free Website with Yola.