Footnotes and fancy-free

 My main website - Gastronomy - is here.  The reasons for wanting a new provider begin at "The perpetual story .." here.  It says that a new site is in progress.  That was in 2012 and I have spent a lot of money on two sites which didn't fit the bill.  All I do these days is here.

Most of my www work focuses on the Carer World sites.  Some of the music dimensions are taken from here.

A lot of other sites were collected in one place in 2012 here.   Some links don't work now.  Can't update the site as lost the login info.


Those negatives apart, one can only carry on with optimism!  Contact via the email which can be sent to all in the Mitcheldean group.

For those who are at the early stages, there is a  Footnotes site which might help. It has a page for them here.

Others who are more advanced might like more here.

And for those in the tutor category there's a page for them here.  Ignore the "unlikely to meet" text as I hope we will.

A reminder that I T is in Ross here


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