Footnotes and fancy-free

It comprises mainly closed-readership pages.  I might be in contact with one or more individuals on a special topic which is of no concern to other readers of any of my sites.  If on the Footnotes site, the page will include hidden page next to the title.  

The Carer World site uses the same technique and a bit more more advanced as seen here.

Going back to songs, at the time of writing (6 March), the page here is hidden.  As it is addressed to healthcare professionals and a few academics, it was thought unwise to add that it is hidden with a link telling them what they know.  The email just said it is hidden.

If you haven't already started looking at URLs, look at them now.  The root URL is followed by /pagename.php

As the same info may be used many times when used as a footnote like this, there are no return links. This is an exception as it is a one-use page.

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