Footnotes and fancy-free

unfindably    your bloodhound looks fed up with not finding me

What does that mean?

Readers include:

  1. Those who read pages on this website which stem from elsewhere.
  2. Those who receive an email in response to a query or comment.
  3. Those who are referred to the site by email from elswhere.
  4. Those who have contact with the writer, know how make contact but who don't need insight into other activities and/or websites.  "Unfindably", for them, therefore, is irrelevant.
The word is made up for the occasion.


No, not "yours essentially".  

I have a very large website within which there are numerous user-groups.  My main focus is responding to their requests and comments.  This site serves a purpose identified within the large website.  It has reached the limits of its use and another site is in progress.  

This footnotes site enables certain pages to be available to more than a few readers without the distraction of compulsive clicking and wandering into other sites of complete irrelevance.

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