Footnotes and fancy-free


Three aspects                             


Start a folder in your Pictures system with graphics you might use.  Keep track of the source of each graphic.  Most of what you see on this site came from the main system per A and not that page (3).


Start practising with Publisher or some other system to edit graphics.  Build a good stock first. 

                   A    source 

                          B  Create in Publisher 


When you put your latest page together, look at the balance.  If this text was directly under No. 2, the box would stretch beyond A & B.


Aligning the graphics and text on the right in the present situation can be an ordeal until you've practised.  Depends on your website system as well.


Take another look here.  Find 15515813 again - page 3.  Note its lack of a watermark.  123rf includes many graphics without its watermark.


That's it for this page.  You've had your five items within three aspects!  The size of the sitebuilder text as typed has altered once you see it on the page.  Factors such as this are on this page.

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