Footnotes and fancy-free

Creating a website to suit your purpose there's always something new to learn with computers      


This page applies to those with skills sufficient to explore the Internet and find what they want.  The word "creating" is used advisedly.  It means using tools from the Internet and not using complicated computer language to build a website from scratch. More - see what I mean!?2

There is no point in paying for a website system yet, even if it's only £5 pcm.  Learn how they work using a free system.


You have already seen an aspect of a free site.  This one.  However, the way it is constructed, it is vastly different from the norm.  It suits a rare purpose.  It's better to revisit this one.  

You know enough about the Internet to explore on your own.  "Free website" in Google produces this.  Click two or three.


Start thinking about what you want to do with your site and who is going to view it.  Potential employers?

Free website job application   -  in Google isn't much help if you're one of those people who want to see what they want at the top of the list.  We'll come back to this one later. 


You want to put all your music onto your new website.  Free website pop music - in Google and you end up sidetracked to this.  

Free website - gardening.  Plenty and look at the heading.  Google has added "gardening templates" to the choice.  

Clearly, I need more experience in finding a specific website system.  Trial and error and learn.


Keep your pages to a reasonable length.  This page would be much shorter without the numbering system so that you can refer your friends to a specific item.  Keep to an average five max topics per page.  


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