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Swan Lake and swan-song to the series



International Wine & Food Society Journal, December 2012, pp 39/40


Readers of this issue soon read the Editorial on page 3.  It is headed with a picture of ".. young chefs at Herefordshire College of Technology .."

The editor includes this comment:

"We feature, on the back cover, some of the aspiring young chefs at Herefordshire College of Technology creating a dish for Alan Harrison's 'Swansong'. Getting our young students involved with the Society should be an intrinsic part of our remit, they are the chefs of the future and should be encouraged whenever possible. If you have a catering college, with a restaurant, near you, try it out, get them involved. They are our seed corn."

Read the quotation in context:



Normally, readers, from the beginning of December 2012 until March 2013, are members of the IWFS.  Other readers will read the article when the December issue is opened to non-members.  You have privileged access.

Here is the article as published, and with the Editorial page again.

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