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It is good to think that Helen and you will be in discussion on 20 Nov.

Re CRD, if you were to respond to my suggestions, it would be too late to organise anything on or after that day.

Within my overall aim to benefit HCS in any way I can, I propose that it aims to be on TV, radio and in the newspapers on the Tuesday before CRD.  26 Nov.  The Weds papers will, of course, be dealt with.

HCS will have its plan in operation.  It is anticipated to not include anything on the lines of what I propose.

If you spend a min or two on the page here you will see the gist of it.  If keen, progress to the page here.


Let's progress as if you were to proceed.

If you were to start organising on Monday 11 after weekend thought etc, you'd have a bit more than two weeks before TV/radio etc day 26 Nov.

During the first week, you could see results from several staff singing the song - once refined (includes a shorter song.)  You might like to include directors.  At least one of them (Mrs W) is musical.

The second week will have given whoever, time to collect props.  See under Preparation half way down the page here.  If TV in particular is to respond with interest, it would respond to extrovert, joyous presentation.  I can help produce something to look at during Week 1 using your iPad.

I imagine that you are intending to use the successful idea of a song at the end of CRD.  In that event, Joy Rickwood will already be in the picture.

If you send me her email info, I'll see if she'd like to work with me.  That would include refining the song.  She and I, she or I, could come into the office to get the song started during next week.  The earlier the better.

HCS, of course would talk to the media as appropriate.

The song, of course hasn't had an airing.  Helen has heard two sessions of song at support groups.  There has been a session out of county which went as well as the HCS ones.   "Well" is subject to opinion.   I haven't led songs since my camp-fire scouting and scout leader days in the mid 1960s.  That's why Joy is important to the project.

Now we come to the other side of the coin.

If you don't want any of this, if I haven't heard by Monday at noon, the theme will go out to various carer support organisations across the UK. 

You will need to decide what mention of HCS is given.

I'm out of county on Friday 8 Nov until c 1500 looking at provison elsewhere.  Also talking about this project.

As always - in the best interest of HCS.


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07952 060 505


This page won't last long hence no coloured panels.


On 23 Sept or soon after, the plan is one first reader.  


The plan includes a core group of trusted readers, probably six.  VF is likely to be suggested by the first reader.  


Agreement must be reached by core members that we agree as to who is invited.


The main reason is that a form of  chinese whispers may creep in.  A  trusts B who trusts C who ....  By the time D is told, the strength of involvement is weaker.  D tells E and F.  


Why the secrecy?  This is a site less than half-baked.  Its argument is not identified.  The framework of a large edifice is evident but the type of building isn't clear.  Once anyone else in HCS sees it by chance they'll all see it.

When the core group is established, an outer ring of, say, six specialists needs to be identified.  More detail  in due course.


Agreement needs to be reached by the dozen participants on the broad principles of the website and its future.  


So far the front pages indicate a low level of detail with the aim of high level of interest being sustained.  The middle pages look to present resources.  The back pages look much more serious. 


Should an organisation adopt the principles of the website and fit them into its website?


Should reps from a variety of organisations set up a joint website?


more later


On the Intro page it says at    6  -  PS

I hope to offer opportunities but not expertise.  My professional interests included gastronomy - the use of food and drink in various contexts.  I contribute a page or two to a quarterly  food & wine magazine care provided is for a person within the household who has poor general health, or a long-term health problem, or disability.

Perhaps and later, I could help select someone (male?) to set up a pilot Cookery Clinic for Unpaid Male Marers.


The site is out there but experience of the Yola system* shows it will take quite a while before it responds to words/phrases in it cropping up in searches.  We can both try now and then on, say, library computers which are cache-stripped each day.


* The system offers free websites which are limited to three pages.  This version (Basic) offers unlimited pages within 25 sites for about £1.0 p.a. each.


Other topics

Surgeries  here.

Each time a new reader comes on board the page may well be edited.


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