Footnotes and fancy-free

 Thank you for your letter.

I withdraw my application for, but not my interest in, the job of Groups Secretary.

The pub lunches for January and February are in progress.  My role in that respect can be considered by both parties.

On the 19th when the next lunch takes place, I will ask:

  • Where they would like to go back to
  • New locations?
  • What ideas they have for the future beyond the type of meals they have experienced within the group

  • as seen at Item 3 at

    I will ask who has email facility and if they would like further information on my initial plans for the group.  Those who say yes will be sent this link;                         note the    repub    component of the URL

    The site referred to in an earlier email had been taken down.  I have reconstituted it from the material already seen by committee here:

    If the branch  doesn't experiment, there is no experience which the committee can evaluate.

    If readers outwith the branch were to see the website, how would they identify us?


    The final paragraph of your letter needs attention:

    I believe that The Chairperson has already indicated to you that she is not comfortable with items about the Ross and District U3A being randomly put on the internet and we should be pleased if you will desist forthwith.

    Please identify the URLs etc relating to the items and I will give them proper consideration.

    With best wishes and best intention.
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