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 Dear Alan,                                         14.12.2012

Further to your email and links, I have been asked to reply on behalf of the committee as follows:  

Thank you for letting us know you have withdrawn your application for the Group Secretary's post.

Thank you also for agreeing to take on the Pub lunch group co-ordinator role.  You have been given the notes for group co-ordinators and the information about updating the Official Ross & District U3A web site.  When updating the official web site please remember that it is for general information about the activities that the group has undertaken and may be seen by anyone who goes to the site not just our members.

The way this group currently runs is that the Chairperson is asked to announce at the monthly meeting the date and location of the next pub lunch and members of the group are asked to  indicate their attendance at the event by entering their name and contact details on a list that is placed  on the table at the back of the meeting room.   Members of the group who do not attend the meeting will telephone the co-ordinator to agree attendance. The list can then be provided to the Group Secretary as the register of attendees.  This group is quite flexible in its membership, some attending every month and others attending less frequently.

As you will be aware the U3A is aimed at people of mature years some of whom might be considered vulnerable..  Many of these people may not be comfortable with technology.  Our members all have details of the official Ross and District U3A web site and can access it if they wish. Cloud computing is not for everyone.  The committee can therefore see no need for other internet pages.  It is for this reason that we are asking that you remove, from the internet, all three sites referred to in your email.  Please notify us when this is done.

As a relatively new re-joined member you will not be aware that Ross and District U3A has over the last few years had a great deal of success in increasing membership numbers and in increasing the range of groups run.  As previously mentioned we cater for our membership and move at the pace they dictate.  This does not mean that we stagnate.  All U3A's are autonomous and therefore we are able to move in our own direction.  We do not need to follow what other U3A's are doing. We, Ross and District U3A do not need to be re-invented we are content with the way things are progressing and at the pace this is happening.

As mentioned in the earlier letter if you wish to communicate with  the committee this is best done
by email attaching a word document.   Communication between members of the groups is usually done by telephone or face to face.

I hope this letter  provides you with clear direction in your role as Pub lunch group co-ordinator and
 in your communication strategy.

Yours  sincerely,

Ren Keogh (Secretary)

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