Footnotes and fancy-free

Supermarket deception website - the plan                 page under construction   25 Jan 2103

Site here.         Today, the readership is BG.  Next stop RE when BG has commented.

The purpose of this page is to allow readers to return ad lib, irrespective of updating emails.

Robert Elliot's introduction is here although plenty has been used already here.

Barry Groves is linked from the foot of the page here, and I am keen to progress his material to the same extent as Rob Elliot's.

In mid-February, the site should be ready to roll in the direction of the Daily Telegraph.  The email would begin by mentioning the success with MP expenses before tagging on to the Telegraph's latest article on supermarkets.  Readers may well have better ideas.

Once it is in motion, the relevant page(s) will be sent to individual supermarkets.  more tomorrow


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