Footnotes and fancy-free

  I have been asked to write to you on behalf of the committee as follows:

We are simple folk at the XYZ and it is not easy to read and digest all that you have written. You seem to want to take Town XYZ in a whole new direction. This is not what we are about. We (Town XYZ) exist for the benefit of our members  The committee do not impose our will upon them. We are facilitators not innovators. We move at the speed they wish and in the direction they indicate. We, as a group, are autonomous and do not follow what other XYZs may be doing unless there is an indication that this is what our members want.

Your document/s appear to be a little confusing, as indicated "we are simple folk". There appear to be three points.

1. You want to be considered for Groups Sec role. This becomes vacant in Feb and election/selection will be considered at the AGM. in line with the rules I attach a copy of the Job function document for your information.

2. You are willing to take over as co-ordinator of the Pub Lunch Group. (If you need information about how this group is currently run please speak to JM'n  or D M (current Gs S). Please note what is said above about doing what our members want.        ,

3. You want to take possession of the XYZ computers. It is not clear what you intend to do with these? You will not be aware that we currently have plans for these which may be implemented next year. So at this time we decline your offer

You clearly have a great many ideas which you are willing to share with us. Please do so in simple language and on no more than one sheet of A4. In order to help the committee please keep things simple and deal fully with only one point at a time. Please also bear in mind that the membership of the XYZ are mostly retired, or nearing retirement and may be looking to get away from the pressure of a career and take life at a slower, more enjoyable pace.

Not being a member of the committee, you will also not be aware of the policies in place for the Web site and that we do not put links to external sites on the web site without committee approval.

I believe that The Chairperson has already indicated to you that she is not comfortable with items about the Town XYZ being randomly put on the internet and we should be pleased if you will desist forthwith.



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