Footnotes and fancy-free

But this page is about its lack.  The links are soothers according to See Bee Tea  (ie the treatment but avoiding search engines).

Here is an email sent to the previous  Pub Lunches organiser.


 I had sent emails to Liz and David saying that I was looking at the sign-up sheets re a list of members.

The next stage was to send the sheets to a typist.  It didn't save a lot of time as I checked what I could read on the sheets.

The final stage was to ask Liz and David for help arranging the pub lunches.

Lo and behold, Liz sent a list of PLG members from her file!

Much phoning re lifts.  David Spink may well pull out as he says it'll cost him £40 to go to the lunch.  I asked him if he was going by tractor.  He then said he has a 4x4.

The P L G has been a saga within a series of conflicts with our chairman - JD.  I sent all the P L G docs on 14 Jan to David as my line manager.  I explained how I was handling the signing-in process.  I sent notes to the committee via him which included "The future".  See   

Two days before the January meeting, David replied saying he'd been on holiday.  On the day, JD gave me about the fifth ranting and raving session, this time on changes to the signing-in process.

I approach the lunch on 30 Jan with a high degree of doubt re my future as coordinator.  Indeed, as a Ross U3A member.  If I am treated to a 6th session by JD, that will be the decisive factor.

However, I have been proactive.  See

A major part of the JD problem is her misguided perception of the Internet.  I had produced a PLG website and was told to remove it as our members are vulnerable etc.  How she thinks any of our members are to be harmed as a result of the website being in existence, I'll never know.  Perhaps you could advise me.  I told her it had been "taken down".  However, all I did was to republish it adding 21372 as you see.

I had great hopes of Ross U3A re healthy eating but it won't happen.

Similar hopes re giving a talk.


Well, Jan, now you know.  Liz told me you aren't rejoining this year.  At least, you won't be asked to take on the  P L G again.




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