Footnotes and fancy-free

 M J group   PB = organiser 


This was put through PB’s letterbox after JC’s emails ended.  

Her text is in green, mine in blue.  {{{{     }}}} indicate comment after.  Initials replace names. 

Here are the emails.  JC’s text is in green. 

I believe that if your email system had been working and, in the case of using her words, her final sentence would have been cordial.

It may be best that JC isn’t told about this doc but I’ll leave you to decide.

If I have misinterpreted anything including wife and I not coming tomorrow, 7 Dec, perhaps you could kindly phone  bbbbbbbb . 

Will be at home from c 1300.  Let’s just leave it, if you prefer.

Wife finds all this disturbing.  I am perplexed. 




I'm writing on behalf of PB as she can't get her email working. She has been unable to organise the new 'slow' 

group until after the New Year so the first session will be on Tuesday 8th January at 10.45. If you are unable 

to come, please let her know after Christmas.   We hope this group will be more suitable for your enjoyment. 

What about the rest of this year? 


{{{{{ Not included in the email    New ‘slow group’ and existing group are separate entities.  Many would interpret the existing group continuing until the new group starts.}}}}


" so the first session will be on Tuesday 8th January at 10.45. " I presume you will organise the following sessions then.


I thought PB is the organiser.  Do I organise the following sessions to take place at her house?  What needs organising?  Won't see folk on Friday.


{{{{{ JC had already said that you were unable to organise the new 'slow' group until after the New Year. }}}}


No you are not the organiser -YOU meant- all those attending the first session.  It hardly needs an 

organiser for that does it?


{{{{{The email was addressed to me with no copies to “all those attending the first session”. 

Organising is presumed to be carried out by you (ie PB).  I can’t see how it could be done 

by all those attending the first session .}}}}}

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