Footnotes and fancy-free

Website design 2 

Welcome to this entirely bespoke mini-website.  It arises from my pleasant visit to the college on 30 January.  All visits have been as pleasant.

Readership of the site is by invitation only. There is no Contact page.  Those who receive the URL have the choice as to who else reads the site. However, until we discuss it around a table, I suggest it remains with LB, SM and R.  ( I don't know his surname yet.)

It is a no-names site and initials are used.  It is a free, no-frills site so don't expect any more pics.  You will meet its format in the context of student applications for jobs.  

If this is your first visit, a skating session on this page might help gain an overview.

There are pages here which need to be revamped for a site aimed at the students.

We will begin with the students and how they helped me to write an article.  My thanks again to LB for all his hard work within the project.

Update 5 Feb in last sentence.

The intracies of websites and their creation etc are endless. Almost every time I look at the pages, there are things, ideally, to be amended.  

During the development of this site, I watched the header format change to a less satisfactory state.  The length of the title should not merge with the page links.  That's why the "More" function exists. example  The other sites using the same system and with long titles haven't resulted in this problem.

There are various snippets of info of that order, too numerous to mention as the work progressed.  Overall, Yola and Webs are in close competition for the title "moderately recommended".  On that point, new material for you to read has been posted on 5 Feb starting here. Depending on what Eric has to say, and I'm optimistic, there's scope to upgrade the Webs recommendation.

 Alan Harrison

1 Feb

These are the principal links and some contain satellite links.

Sites and pages already seen by students

Musicians on the Menu               all links 

Early mention of 

computer help

Intended eventually for student use

Computer interest links              for a much wider readership and of possible use

Web design links 

Roger Smedley 2                       a blank site showing a problem re set/standard pages

Roger Smedley                          no number as it is the final version

Website design                          emphasis is on job applications as the site is being developed to help college  leavers.   

Job Applications                          the final guidance site 

Supermarket deception              selected pages only, not for a long while and after they've seen this minor page

For staff use

To LB - 4 January           updated here

Musicians on the Menu - see above.  

A follow-up publication in the IWFS journal.

The editor has requested an article on the year in the life of one of your Hospitality students. 

I had previously outlined something else.  more

In the first instance, it's appropriate to establish who has seen what.  Start here.  There's a lot to absorb so that's it for a while.  There are names on the page which can be neutrailised as required.  

Several items are past their "best before" date.  The knife box serves as a starting point for the wider discussion.  I'll omit the dress aspects, on reflection.  All updated here.

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