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Diet coach

Dear Dr Willis

This is the start of a project involving a 44 year old woman Sheila with dietary problems.  I have set up a page on one of my websites which uses your Diet Coach book, I hope, to good effect as she progresses through it.

At “m”, I tackle the fault aspects in the context of Sheila’s health problems generally.  She’s  5ft 11 and 21 stone.  She has a stoma which has been resited.  There are too many other aspects to go into just now.

Sheila is about to start CBT (not with me) and I’m using your book to ease her into it gently.

As the project develops and with her OK, it may be made available to others, perhaps via the diet page.  I will add the body-type aspects to “m” as seen here, in due course.  Sheila was in the ectomorph category at 15 years old.

Depending on your interest in the project, I hope to add some of your text to the Diet Coach page.

That’s probably enough to gauge your interest.  Your view of the two pages will be welcome.

Best wishes.

Alan F Harrison (Prof)

This email is hidden on another website where it may be more convenient.

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