Footnotes and fancy-free

When we stand back and look at what went before, we can say that we have the descriptor  -  balance, and qualifiers - tannin, acid etc.  Before too long, we need to assess the qualifiers.  However, we’ll incorporate a few more ideas before proceeding.  Prof Adrienne Lehrer in her book Wine & Conversation offers: A balanced wine has a pleasant proportion of sugar, acid, and other constituents.  A wine may be unbalanced because it has either too much sugar or too much acid; but generally, if someone merely labels a wine as  unbalanced , he is likely to mean that the wine is too acidic. She has also used the descriptors above the seesaw remaining to be looked at.  They are positive attributes associated with balance  -  integrated, focused, well-defined, formed and assembled.

       Time now to consider some of those “qualifiers”. 


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