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Others may join the beginners as they progress.  If there are more than can be accommodated, they could choose which interests them most from the list.  They can also register other interests.


  1. Using the Internet safely - Level 2  
  2. Social Networking for the Older and Wiser
  3. That includes evaluating the use of Twitter, Facebook etc.
  4. Excel spread-sheets and how to use them to sort and organise your affairs using mail merge, household finance etc
  5. Have fun with Excel
  6. Introduction to using Publisher.
  7. Making cards and calendars
  8. Saving and transferring documents and pictures
  9. Creating a simple website using a free package 
  10. Creating a simple logo for 7   8    9   11
  11. Creating a newsletter or leaflet 
  12. Including specific photos where you want them and/or using No. 6
  13. Creating graphics from photos or other graphics.  Sample here.
  14. Copyright issues relating to 7 and others
  15. Finding a chat room to suit your purpose.    
  16. Putting some of your photos in the sky so that only specific readers can see them.
  17. Ditto for all to see.
Assuming that you have seen the pages via 1, 2, 5, 13, and 15, the next page is for tutors.  

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