Footnotes and fancy-free

 1. I need to be alert to possible triggers that might result in a change or deterioration in



my mood:


my actions:


my outcomes:








2. I need to identify what I have started thinking again, which will likely involve:






3. I need to identify what I have started doing again, which is likely to include;






4.1 need to identify what feelings


a)  I am feeling now



b) I am feeling within those during the difficult time;




5. I need to identify what physical changes might be taking place in my body, which include:



6. I need to remind myself to apply what worked the last time, but at the earliest opportunity so that a slip does not become a full-blown relapse.



What worked the best the last time was:






7.1 need to remind myself that it is a question of regaining lost ground -1 am not back at square one.







8. In the event of a slip I must not only use this first aid manual, but other resources such as self-help books, a therapist, a good friend or family member, my General Practitioner

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