Footnotes and fancy-free

Musicians on the Menu -  all the links for those who participated.

Update 21 Dec here which you read before the 21st.  See it again as shown in blue text in No. 4.


The links which include you are:

  1. The Editor's page in the journal I was pleased to present you with.  here
  2. My thanks to you as seen there on a yellow background - with links here
  3. If you want to read or send the Editor's page so that it can be seen without No. 2, it's here.
  4. My thanks - 18 December here.  It's more jazzy here.
  5. Find the published article in a hurry here.
  1. IF you roam that site and want to return to the article, follow the first-sentence link here.


Some of you may like to read other articles related to what you have seen.  If nothing else, you might bring something from one of the articles in during a job interview which is relevant to the situation.

Verdi started the series of articles, as seen here.


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