Footnotes and fancy-free


Update 8 January  -  major change to Item 5.

1     Musicians on the Menu -  all the links for those who participated

2     To Hospitality lecturers here

3     To senior staff 20 December here

4     Ditto 4 January here

5     Website design links here  -  en route to No. 2 and then students in No. 1 pending college management decision     see footnote

6      Gastrotourism here from here, Item 3

7      A talk here from here, Item 4

Minor pages

8     No free lunches here  from No. 2 here, final paragraph

9     Here is a  free Weebly site from here, Item 4


No 5 - When agreed that the students will access it, there will be a return link to its source which will be here.


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