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Sent email to Les B with this link.  


Perhaps the main topic for senior staff is the possibility of organising a Robert Burns event later this month.  If I am involved, I would hope to include students from all departments.  Whereas I'm probably the only piper available, students could perform the speaking roles.  Perhaps the Student's Union could take it on. 


One aspect of the proposal is giving students a task which is at short notice.  The hospitality students might seem to be the only ones to benefit.  However, other students can be involved.


A lot of detail on such events is on my site and it is there for the hospitality and interested students from elsewhere to peruse.   


The site can be incorporated into any teaching I might undertake re website design.  See 5 here.


The detail broadens regarding my potential sessions with students.  There is a series of  website design pages intended for them and it provides a lot of work for them.  Readers of this senior staff page need do more than look at the broad scope.  Once the decision is made, they or I can advise the lecturers concerned.  The all links page is here


If I am to undertake sessions with students on website design, it would be helpful to be in contact with senior staff in that domain.

  1. To obtain an overview of the college-student communication system.
  2. Ditto the computer facilities and how best to use them.
  3. To aim at providing students with portable systems beyond No. 2 for their departure.
  4. If No 3 is agreed, the starting point is a generic email address to enable students to log in to the tuition sitebuilder.


Senior staff links here and at pagetop.


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