Footnotes and fancy-free

Senior staff          update here                                             20 December  

These provisional  links might be useful when passing on info to other staff.  

1  The article

"Musicans on the Menu" published this month - a page for the students here.

2a  Gastronomy

My gastronomy website is here.  The page has been chosen as the first sentence gives a link to 1.  Useful when you roam the site and want to return to Musicians.  The students were able to see their pics etc being posted as the page developed.  


There are many pages which I will later identify in the college Hospitality context.  Les B has been the mainstay of the college aspects of the Musicians article.  Sheila in the restaurant is interested in the project and has been very helpful.  Rodd and I haven't met.  


You mentioned that there are senior staff you would like to bring in.  Before we all sit down and look at the way forward, I hope to discuss the wider issues with your staff member with overarching responsibility.  If the next one down in the chain with responsibility for the detail and I also talk before I arrive at the Les etc level, I'd welcome it. 

3  Gastrotourism

Elsewhere in the college, Gastrotourism could be considered.  

4  A talk

A talk with an open audience is here.  Parts of it might be put to the Hospitality students as part of their food awareness.

Other talks to be identified. 

5  Free mini-websites - first mention of the topic to Hospitality lecturers here, Items  2e and 4

Students could be shown how to create a free mini-website to be used when applying for jobs.  They have been shown the one here and the template used. The background colour is variable. 

There's another template which uses material from No. 4.  It's here and under construction and is not intended as a final site..  Giving them a variety of techniques not to be found on the Internet is the aim.  

However 1 ..

.., that was an experiment and, elsewhere, I don't show the final cost of the broccoli.  That's to be worked out with the audience.  The audience is then asked about the correct ratio of waste to bought-broccoli.

However 2 ..

..  the site is too wishy-washy unless one does much more work.  This is better.  Need to change the pic.

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