Footnotes and fancy-free

18 December        updated 21 December between the   ~~~~~~    lines


It was a pleasure to return to the college.  This is to thank everyone for whom my parachute-landing was a surprise.  I hope you were pleased to see yourselves in print.



If you'd like a session on creating a free CV mini-website, I have mentioned the topic to some I spoke to today.  It will help you prepare for when you start making job-applications.  If the company provides online application, even better!  You may be familiar with the process.  If not, an all-industries example is here.   more   Start exploring.  Try this and then find out if you could use your website.  Not by phoning, by exploration of that site and then, many others. 


Look to see if you can, when completing your on-line application, put in a link to a page on your website.  That would be a hidden page specially opened for that employer.  It is one of a minimum number of pages giving the other info you want to be read.  Keep it all short and precise. (Not like me!)


Enhance your website.  This page needs improvement.


How often do you read this?



The future of the photographs is to be decided.  There will be other pages in this section of the website in due course.


In the meantime, keep up the good work!

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Alan Harrison.


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