Footnotes and fancy-free

Helping HCT students

The purpose is to list the main aspects of my interaction with the college.  Within a short meeting on 28 February, none of the topics will be explored.  Others may do that.  


A follow-up publication

The publication of an article in the International Wine & Food Society journal is detailed here.  

The published article is here.  

A follow-up publication in the IWFS journal.

               The editor has requested an article on the year in the life of one of your Hospitality students.   more    


Student job applications

I have done my best to follow procedures.  After our discussion before Christmas, I presented students the journal which they will treasure and use to good effect, I trust.  This was the public outcome.  

A website outlining various proposal is here.  The main page in the present context is here on which this is the most significant - helping students with their job applications.  



Practical inspiration

The offer of using my long-since-used knifebox to inspire students has been made.  The box is here and it could be used as a major student prize here.


An opportunity for students to interact with gourmets

Re 7  here   IWFS event  Informed 4 Jan.

Probably best in May if to be held.  A chance of charge £25 - £30 per head and for students to talk to gourmets.

The event could be held at any time.  Suggestions re a Robert Burns event were made for as late as mid Feb.


Widening audiences


Gastrotourism here from here, Item 3


Wider still.  A talk open to the public here and/or here.


However, all these present hospitality students with material of direct relevance to their studies.


I appreciate that there are curriculum pressures but ..............


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