Footnotes and fancy-free

                                                           Joy plays the sax better than he does.  WBY?

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Pronounce    HCS's   with four syllables to match  Alexander's .   The name's just a starting point. Same re the graphic.    

A certain local hospice features staff members who can perform as a ceilidh band.  With all the talent in HCS, I'm sure you could muster a set of interested people.  What about the trustees?  Keeping names off this website, try No. 4 here as a start.

As the carer support groups progress, why not ask them at the same time as starting the song of the day?  Start small.  Mony a mickle maks a muckle.  Wha' you see there wuznae written by Scots.

 I play the guitar and bagpipe and can hit a saucepan lid from 20 ft.  Ukelele to add if simple songs.  Mention of the bagpipe doesn't imply the band should be a ceilidh version, by any means.  Far from it.  

With the arrival of your iPad, the sky's the limit re pics and vids for your website.  Ditto re pics for pages like this. 

At the Ross Carer Support Group on 2 Oct, interest was shown in making a DVD.  It would show aspects of life as a senior carer.  The credits could include the new band.  

The starting point was a description of the excellent YP screen-play on 17 Sept.

If YP can do it, so can we was the spirit of the meeting!  When do we in Ross start? 

As far as  include me out is concerned - WBY (not this).

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