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4 Oct 

New song   Carers, carers, dem carers here.   That leads to  Red Tape Square here    Clap your hands  here

Hot water bottle song here.    Four songs which might be sung at 4b.  Even one would give staff the flavour.


There's a new topic - "Herefordshire Carer Support   in three or four syllables" at No. 7.  A mere outline so far. 

HW is organising two Carer Group meetings involving speakers with crime themes - see 1b where the Hot Water Bottle song would seem to have been written with extra-terrestial providence prior to me realising the events existed.

3 Oct

New items at 1d, 2d , 4e. 6b           (That's one email saved already!)

 2 Oct

I use this website for temporary pages to save a stream of emails updating a specific topic.  Most pages are hidden.  Do save it somewhere before clicking links and losing this page.

  1. Ross Carer Group
  2. Carer group speakers
  3. 2014 speakers
  4. Staff meeting
  5. Computer education
  6. Questionaires and other forms
  7. Herefordshire Carer Support   in three or four syllables
  8. Onwards



1a/1  The Ross Carer Group website is now updated, so, if there's a need to change anything, just drop me a line.

1a/2  Our song sung on 2 Oct is here.      

1a/3 Three songs now (two to be finalised) and one more later today (3 Oct).  See 4 Oct above.

1a/4  Joshua is one of the songs to be finalised.  It's here.


Thanks also HW re me attending other groups.  I'd like to start with Madley and have lunch.

The second song (Pick a carer or two) seems made for the event!

It's here

Similar comment re Weobley in November.

There's a new tune (3 Oct) to be posted to the RCG site here.



I piped at the Leadon Bank Care Home at its New Year event.  If the same organiser is still there, you could gain an impression.

If you like, I could pop in for a brief skirl on 3 Dec.  Rather early for Xmas season and piping but still.


HW and writing a piece under her name in the local paper.  Can I help?  Editor is Jo Scriven 


I see there may be a carer group speaker needed in Hereford on 12 Nov.  I offer: 

         2a     An outline of research carried out on "The Carer World"

                       Perhaps include " A provisional sociological look at carers". (Nothing serious - perhaps include "light-hearted" in the                             


      Are male carers of a certain age even more invisible than carers generally?  

                         ((Nov 19 meeting at Hereford Council office - carer invisibility discussed.))

                         Perhaps include "Men only: a DIY approach to caree meals".


          2c       We can help carers without computer literacy to take the first step.  more in a sec

              2d           3 Oct  Using song to help us get through the day   

                                         See 1a/3

                                        Members could be invited to bring their musical instruments and printed sheets with their favourite songs.  

                                        The sheets could be printed before with sufficient notice.




Perhaps I could go on the list of potential speakers relating to all meetings in 2014.  .


Staff meeting


I'm in London on Nov 13.   At the Monday meeting, would you mind saying something on these lines:

Alan is firmly convinced that HCS is the primary resource for carers in HFDS and hopes to continue giving it full support.  He's unable to attend on Nov 13 due to a London engagement.

4b   3 Oct

I hope you will all sing one or more of the songs at the end of the meeting.  (See 2d)  If I could pop and lead them, it would give all staff a chance to see what I look like.  I hope to meet many more in the research I'm doing.


Computer education mentioned today 2 Oct at RCG

As most of the resources available to carers generally are best accessed online, it makes sense to establish ways in which retired carers (as a starting point) can be encouraged to use computers.

 First steps here.  

6   Questionaires and other forms    


The sheets used by Carol Addison

If pos, could I have a clean set, please?  If not, please send copies of my sheets which I'd like anyway.

I hope to evaluate them as part of my research.  Nothing to reach the outside world without JB's consent.


Printed matter is the keynote of research.  I hope to discuss with JB all matters relating to my research.

7    Herefordshire Carer Support   in three or four syllables


When people are talking or mentioning HCS, possibly most of the time they use the long title.  There's no long title for Mind etc .  It might have been MHC for Mental Health Charity.


By changing the name to, perhaps,       Here for you    or     Here for carers       referring to HCS in conversation would be so much easier.  


The initials would be   HFY or HFC.  It's possibly best to avoid H4Y,  H4U     or    H4C    but they'd be more in demand than the full title of HCS.



Although there's £ involved, the website header would need to be changed.   HERE would be large  and taken from the County name with that lower down in smaller letters followed by FOR YOU   or FOR CARERS.


Smaller changes would be necessary elsewhere.


And then there's the stationary and forms


There's much more to all this and I will be pleased to say more.

8   Onwards

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