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  1. Why "Hawks"?
  2. Foxes
  3. Hedgehogs
  4. Busy bird (etc) tables
  5. BBC
  6. More?

1   Why "Hawks"?

This is my term for those who fly in to a website, snatch a piece of use or hover until they find something amusing, and then fly off to the next site on their list.

2   Foxes

Some visitors will descend on a page with but one interest, grab what they want and fly off.  A BBC programme referred to them as foxes.  Their opposites are hedgehogs.

Foxes are people who embrace all kinds of ideas, like the wisdom of the crowd, bounce from here to there and pick things up.  That's how they acquire their knowledge. 

3   Hedgehogs

Then there are hedgehogs.  Hedgehogs like one big idea.  They repeat, they go back to the same source.  These people like the peer-evaluated environment because they are certain of that.

4   Busy bird (etc) table

There are more than several  substantial websites under my authorship and my email inbox seems like a busy bird table at times where hawks, foxes and hedgehogs visit.   In deciding which category you fit into, it's best to take the positive interpretation than the negative.  These creatures have endearing characteristics.  

5    BBC

The BBC programme.

6    More?

However, the balance swings to those with a keen interest in a topic emailing me.  Those who read what is said on this website by others or me, and formulate statements and/or questions are very welcome.

Always pleased to help hawks, hedgehogs and foxes.          

Alan Harrison    

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