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File name – E Meeting 1 May 2012.doc


Minutes written by Hon Sec and edited in blue text by P.  “Hon Sec” is his abbreviation.

C = Chairman – P = Person complaining. The Edit function does not accommodate retro-changes.  Numbers have been added to aid referencing.

1.      C opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending.  He continued to say that he and the Committee were not happy with the way things were going - in particular the web site. Which?  It is presumed the public website appertains.  There was an Admin site for committee members.

2.      He stated that after asking P not to send out correspondence to the Committee before he had seen it. See below. At this point the Chairman stated that everything which is sent out must go through either the Chairman or Secretary.  P had issued papers at the meeting on 18 April.  He had posted them to some who had been absent and wanted to send them to others but needed their addresses. ((Mr Jones left the meeting at this point.))

3.      The next item was referring to P's contact with the local business association concerning sponsorship for the advertising for the event at Wilton.  It had been agreed at an earlier meeting that each Committee member would approach businesses personally.  A letter was prepared to that affect sic.  It was decided that the personal approach was the best step. P pointed out that he had originally proposed the sponsorship page on the public website  and a letter to be taken by members to business owners.   Due to C’s lack of involvement in anything outside the committee meetings, he was not consulted in the later activity of contacting the Association. That was exploratory.  Hon Sec had been informed.

4.      C did however agree that P’s idea was good but the problem was that if the response on mass was negative then the businesses could not then be approached personally.  This bears no logic at all.

5.      The website development of the "Twitter" page was again done without consultation. Not so.  I had said at committee meetings that social network provision would be included. The average age of members to be precise is 79.6yrs (this maybe a little lower now due to the new members) but it is still above 70yrs.  The Chairman asked how many of these members even have a computer, and those that do would not want to use this. If C had considered the Media page, he would have realised the significance of the Twitter and Facebook links on the Home page.  Respondents to the links might offer to help.

6.      Regarding the booking of the Exhibition (past members and their personal stories) - again not a Committee decision.  Agreed by Committee in December and a proposal put forward on the Admin 2 website long before the March meeting.

7.      C continued that he and other members of the Committee work and have family commitments and that there is far too much emailing - sometimes very difficult to keep up with - he said that P had done a sterling job with the website but it is now time to look at ways to eliminate this what? and to shorten the meetings - not to let them be taken over by the web site.  I told him at the subsequent meeting (14 May) that he is the Chairman and should control the meeting.

8.      With regard to the flyers for Wilton - the version which Hon Sec had done had been accepted by the Committee and there is no need to change them. Little focus on where the event is to be held and no recognition of the host’s generosity.  Hon Sec had since accepted that there is a need to change the content of the leaflets and we are worked amicably to that end.  A similar situation arose re leaflets for the May Fayre and, again, we worked amicably.  

9.      The write-up regarding Mr J's Award at the Bowling Club was given to P by Hon Sec, together with photographs.  This was to go into the Gazette together with the launch of the website.  Everyone was very disappointed that this was not done.  Hon Sec said that during her time as Secretary every write-up which she has sent to the paper has appeared. P said he had sent the article in full and he had no control on what they decided to print.   

10. It was at this point that P asked if the retired ousted Secretary had been subjected to a similar enquiry - the Chairman replied by saying that he was not involved with the Committee at that time so could not give an answer.  The question was then redirected to Mr H who replied that because P was not on the Committee at that time it was not any of his business. This comment should not have been allowed.  P was involved inasmuch that he was given a lot of info at the time.  In the build-up to the AGM involving the search for a new Chairman, P was closely involved.  The name of the previous Secretary came up frequently.

11. C ended his report by saying that it was a case of P either working with us or going. P replied by saying that he had emailed C on many occasions with no replied (sic) reply.  In fact he had received very little input from C. In fact – zero.

12. C replied by saying that he has had a lot of personal problems  but he was not making excuses - he spends as little time as possible on his computer.  This is unwise in today’s milieu.   The web site must not dominate proceedings and the amount of emails must stop and interaction between meetings via telephone conversations is the way forward.  He added that we must not forget what we are doing and why - we are here for the RBL not SELF.  What is the point here?

He added that he felt P did not think the Branch was going forward quick enough but in his opinion the Branch is complying with the County 3 yr plan.   P’s enthusiasm was not in question, but yet again an example of taking control.  The two ladies sic who were co-opted voted on to the Committee both felt later they had been pushed into it and were not comfortable with the meeting.  C said it was his prerogative to propose the vote.  He could have asked if the two women were willing and able to perform the role, etc.  He should have followed his derived formula when I was elected (see later) and left the matter to the next committee meeting.  At the subsequent meeting on 14 May, I said that this was a deliberate act to demonstrate C’s inconsistency, in this case, election of committee members.  He replied that he had actually proposed me for the committee in February.  I said that this was not the case.  James Weatherhead proposed me at the start of the meeting.  C said that members should consider the matter and he will take a vote at the end of the meeting.  He forgot so Mr W reminded him.  C then decided he would propose me.  The Minutes simply state “Before the Meeting was finished it was agreed unanimously that Prof. Harrison should be voted onto the Committee.”.  In relation to the final point made in the Introduction document, I had attended numerous monthly meetings prior to taking the step myself to securing election.

13. P then said in reply to all the other issues "I undertake to bring more things to the Committee, to reduce emails by 95% and to consult where possible to do the best for the branch".

14. C added that all the Committee wanted was for everyone to work together.

15. Hon Sec added that there are procedures in existence which have to be adhered to and as long as P accepts these and that everything goes through the Chairman or Secretary he (she) felt that this will now work.  He felt it had been a very worthwhile meeting.  Who is “he” – is it “she”?

16. C agreed and he said that the Committee are beginning to get more involved.  We are all here for one reason, we have a common goal which is serving the RBL, and he did not want P to feel that he had been targeted but the continuity of the Branch depends on the people not the web site.

17.  Mr H added that the Committee works on behalf of the members and in his opinion that is exactly what is happening.

18. President said that it had been a very useful meeting and that he for one will be happy to receive fewer emails.  He added we must make this work. 

19.  P then made the following statement which he displayed on the screen –


20. "In recognition of my enthusiasm overtaking propriety I offer an unreserved apology.  No disrespect intended.”


21. There was more discussion during which C reiterated his view that P should do this and that.  P interjected by stating that there was no need to keep saying the same thing.  The meeting was a Court Martial and requested that C stop.  This was done.  

      Note that the Minutes do not record the Court Martial term being used..


22. The main meeting was closed at this point.


23. Since then, the Hon Sec said this in an email to P on 4 May:


24. With regard to your question - the minutes will only be read by those who attended the meeting if they request a copy.  This was a closed meeting and we do not think it appropriate to take this matter any further.  As you (((( not me)))  said at the meeting what happened is now in the past and we must look forward to the future and carry on the good work that has been done over the last twelve months.”

 The documents referred to in item 2 are:

1         RRBL – the future

2         RRBL – the future – in detail


                    Next doc - File name – E Meeting re 1 May 2012.doc  concerning other aspects



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