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Les                                                                                                                                                                                 4 January

Hope all went well over Xmas etc.


1   Our discussion

2   Robert Burns

         2a   Timing
         2b   Cross-college
         2c   Not much notice is an asset
         2d   Rabbie in detail
         2e   Website design

3   U3A booking for 30 Jan

4   Photos

5   The competitions

6   My knifebox

7   IWFS event


1  Our discussion

Hope we can all get together soon.  

2  Robert Burns

2a  Timing

One topic is a Robert Burns event and "the season", as you know, is the third week of this month plus or minus a week.

2b  Cross-college

If I am involved, I aim to include students from all departments.  Whereas I'm probably the only piper available, students would perform the speaking roles.  Involvement in the event organisation could be sold re CVs. 


2c  Not much notice is an asset

One aspect of the proposal is giving students a task which is at short notice.  Your hospitality students might seem to be the only ones to benefit.  However, other students could be involved.

2d   Rabbie in detail

A lot of detail on such events is on my site and it is there for the hospitality and interested students from elsewhere to peruse if and when you as the Hospitality Team feel ready to issue it..  

2e  Website design

The site can be incorporated into any teaching within your section or across the college I might undertake re website design.  The term is short for - using free-mini-websites to aid your studies and job applications

3   U3A booking for 30 Jan


Could Sheila contact me, please?  Perhaps easiest to send me her email address.  I need to find out when the deadline is for paying the deposit on the U3A booking for 30 Jan.  We have fifteen signed up already and more to come at the monthly meeting on 21 Jan.  What is the limit re numbers?


When we all sit down, I wonder if we could look at the detail of the lunch.  What meal evaluation techniques do you use with the customers?  Is there scope for using the visitors in ways different from normal? 

4  Photos

Is there anything planned for the latest photos?  Either way, they could be part of my website design session(s).  I would show students how to put their photo on a personal free-website.

5   The competitions
Imagine you're all busy with the competitions.  If any help needed, just let me know.  Another viewpoint may be useful, as I remember from my days in the situation.  Thinking about them prompts the next item.

6   My knifebox

If I engage with students over their future and job applications, I hope to discuss with them 

  1. Making their application stand out
  2. Focus on getting the interview
  3. Building confidence with attention to things like uniform and knifebox.
  4. Ditto re what to wear re 2
  5. Ditto re self-organisation generally.
Anything in the list is not meant to repeat or argue against what happens at present.  Liaison with the staff would take place first.

The box is here and more pics can be added.  However, the real thing is what is needed to make the discussion vital.

7    IWFS event

Probably best in May if to be held.  A chance ot charge £25 - £30 per head and for students to talk to gourmets.

BWs for 2013



         On 20/12/2012 18:01, Les B wrote:
Hi Alan, thank you for the magazine and the time you spent on Tuesday with the students, I am sure we can sort out something for the new year, 
20/12/2012 14:42 >>>
Dear Les

Thank you for arranging the presentation to students.

There is now an All Links shown in large text here:

I hope Sheila, Rodd and you will be able (after Christmas etc) to
discuss other aspects of the work done.

Seasonal greetings.



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