Footnotes and fancy-free

Committee interest

Now, that's a little surprise for you!

Websites are all about maintaining interest.  If I can't persuade you to follow the purpose of the site, we won't be able to encourage members to take up or improve their computer use.

A quick look at this might be appropriate.  Text ring any bells?  If not, look here.

As has been said, free sites have their limitations.  They include not being able to link from one part of a page to another.  That helps when there's a lot on the page.  My aim is to use this site to reduce page content.

We live in

The age of ...   quick fixes, get your message out quick and streamline your website to grab the attention of the modern internet consumer.  source

Such advice I would prefer to have followed!  At least, we can incorporate it into the outcome of this part of the website geared to improving member I T skills.

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