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While I have your attention, let me tell you about my reaction to one aspect of the Carers Annual Meeting on Tuesday 17th September 2013,  at the Great Western Railway Staff Association Club, Barton Yard.


You've probably heard if you didn't attend the meeting that it ended with a sing-song.  It was well-received.  Here's your chance to make music while you work.  Using well-know tunes, I've written new words with the aim of turning the less-than-ideal carer experiences into fun.  A chance to relieve the tension and so on.   Poke fun at the system.  There's also a marketing song aimed at 29 Nov to roll out well before. 


One of the songs was given an airing thanks to HW at the Ross Carer Support Group.  That was on 2 October and it gave me a firm message that all the songs need as many opps as possible  before releasing them to other HCS carer support groups (CSGs) if it is decided so to do.


It's my intention to make them available nationally and HCS will be prominent in the coverage.  That is - if it is decided to work with me on the project.



At this stage, I suggest these phases:


  1. Try the songs in the office.  Don't forget the man upstairs - NJ.  (Help him sing the men verses.) Tell me when, and I could join you.  Consider the involvement of Joy who worked so well on 17 Sept.  Start collecting props which I'll tell you about later.  
  2. Review each song (perhaps leave the marketing song for later but not too late) and I'll rewrite the text.  
  3. Smaller groups perhaps retry one or two songs.  Doesn't matter if there's overlap.
  4. Roll the songs out to certain or all CSGs.  They all meet before 29 Nov.
  5. Go to 2.

Further to No 2 and the marketing song, I suggest later that this is an HQ-based choral project perhaps with a few carers (if musical) who might join in.

Further to No. 4, the CSG dates in October are 14 (Fagin's song!), 16 (sing while they exercise), 18, 21 (sing in their chairs!),  22, 28.  
The Nov dates are 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 20, 25, 26   source  Bold numbers are TBC and no doubt, speakers are lined up.

If a speaker is needed, I can offer a range of topics.  The songs could be part of the event.
Carer Development Workers who arrange the events would be welcome to contact me if they want to include a song or two and if they'd like me to attend.   There's no  must  about it so good luck. 

So far, being able to extract text to produce printed song sheets may be a challenge.  As soon as there is interest, I'll ensure that part of the project is seen to.  If you want to start, songs here might be the easiest.

Meanwhile, I imagine you all at your desks in the main office with computers mousing up and down the screens joyfully!

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