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This page sets out some aspects of starting to learn about using a computer. You might be on your own at home and need advice. You might be in a group of beginners.  (You might even be a tutor looking for new ways of  developing your teaching.)  

The sessions are designed to give beginners the confidence to utilise your computer (or laptop and other up-to-date devices) to complement your life style and include such aspects as

  1. Building confidence.
  2. Being taken through the basic functions such as saving a document as you go along, and before switch-off
  3. Computer jargon - Level 1
  4. Safe use of the Internet.- Level 1 - to be specified and to include Minimising attacks on your computer - Level 1
  5. Choosing an email system
  6. Saving emails to files - you soon find that there are scores of them!
  7. Deciding whether to use Google or its alternatives
  8. Writing, saving etc Word docs
  9. Choosing a printer
  10. See yourself (well, your house) as others see you - from a plane. 
  11. What to do when your computer freezes - not this

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BBC Webwise here.

It can be argued that if beginners have found this page etc, they don't need any more information.  The simple questions which follow include:
  1. How safe is their computer?
  2. Do they know what to do when something simple goes wrong - like the computer freezes, won't turn off etc?
  3. Are they making the most of the tools within the computer?
  4. Are they making the most of the tools within the Internet?

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