Footnotes and fancy-free


Prof Alan Harrison's career included these dimensions:

  1. Left school to enter a two-year FT course in catering craft. 
  2. Progressed to the second year of three year FT course in hotel management.
  3. Worked in the West End kitchens
  4. Manager in the Metropolitan Catering Service.
  5. Training Officer in industrial catering. 
  6. Ten years as teacher of professional cookery.  Gradually widened teaching scope.
  7. Cert Ed at Garnett College technical teacher training college at Roehampton.  FT one year. 
  8. Six years O U studies to BA (Hons).
  9. Two years PT study - M Ed Edinburgh University
  10. Lecturer in Gastronomy at Surrey Univer¬≠sity
  11. Director of the Edinburgh Hotel School at Crewe Toll for six years. 
  12. Head of Faculty of Community Studies at Canterbury College. Contemporaneous appointment outlined at No. 11
  13. Open University Tutor/Examiner within the Post-Grad course in Educational Manage¬≠ment
  14. Tourism specialist and academic adviser in fifteen countries. Includes 15 and 16. 
  15. University Dean in France and Switzerland and became Professor in 1992 independently.  
  16. Four foreign projects as a Voluntary Adviser with BESO, now in VSO.
  17. His books and papers are on his Gastronomy website.  Retired and living near Hereford, he is available as a speaker. He is involved in various community/charity projects
  18. He is writing a book with proceeds to the British Legion based on the first of his piping websites.    

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