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 Gastronomy        &        Are We Really What We Eat? ...

Thanks for your email regarding availability.  Until the early December 2012 (Xmas rush), I referred enquirers to the pages mentioned.  I have now made it easier to find the relevant info which is much updated.   

Whenever emails come in from book-purchasers, I'm interested in price, source and opinion of the service.  

Some purchasers have not seen the following:

How much you may pay on the internet is in the panel on the left - "Web prices". [[[[ see below]]]]] 

I will not gain from any purchases.  ....   Why buy  ... when they are free on this site?  

The Web prices page is not about selling the items, it is more to do with published critique, circulation and feedback.  source

From the Web prices page  

Prices on the Internet    


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