Footnotes and fancy-free

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  1. Print enough song sheets and with text of appropriate size
  2. Decide if they are distributed before the song(s)
  3. Look for kazoos and other simple instruments.  Paper and combs?
  4. Try to improvise a few instruments like saucepan lids and wooden spoons
  5. Find or make ancient spears, trumpets etc 
  6. Find people who the singers relate to.  They dress accordingly and help lead the singing  
  7. Find a few wigs (judges' wigs even), aprons, hats for men and women etc from charity/children's toy shops etc.   Anyone with an academic gown?
  8. Prams, pushchairs?  Boxes/trays of forms.  

 At first rehearsal

  1. Singers don't know much about the song, if anything in some cases
  2. Leader begins with a humming session to introduce the tune -   mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm,          twice
  3. Leader sings the first verse or chorus of the original song or the new one as appropriate.
  4. "Yes, you know the song!"  "OK, we're ready to roll.  Hymn sheets please." (See Prep 2)
  5. Perhaps stop after the first verse etc and distribute all the props.
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