Footnotes and fancy-free

 Carers in song                       

This is the Home page for the series.


As it's the Home page it begins with the links.  It's probably best to read about the songs a little lower down the page first.

Here is the list again with a brief Intro to each song

  1. Clap your hands     This and No. 2 are the only songs to have had an airing.  
  2. The Hot-water bottle song  We recruit Fagin and Bill Sikes who help create another song for carers.
  3. Carers, carers, (dem) carers  You guessed it!  It needs to be sung soon to see how knee-bones are connected.
  4. Joshua at the Battle of Red Tape Square  When Joshua fit the battle, he didn't know what he had started!
  5. Carers in court  In a certain king's court where the carers are writing a song to promote the HCS event on Carers Rights Day.  Book now.






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