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20 January - progress assessed     another new page here

In mid-December, the situation was as follows (from the CBT site).  Red text updates prior to that time:

Up at 0700.  Probably Always use the computer immediately.  Wait until 0830-ish for wife to wake.  Make her porridge etc.  She stays in bed reading her Bible until 1100-ish.  Her next stop is the bathroom and she emerges for lunch c  1400.  Probably Always more computing until lunch, , virtually no messing around in the garage or -  shopping kept to the minimum and twice a week at most etc.  Certainly cook the lunch.  

Snooze after lunch for perhaps an hour. Very seldom.  It's a matter of gobbling my food and excusing myself to return to the computer.   Probably more computing, messing around in the garage or shopping etc with emphasis on those not done in the morning.    

Prepare evening meal and we start c 1830.  Snooze during TV for perhaps an hour.  Need stories but fall asleep in preferred documentaries.

Bed c 2230 and fall sleep immediately.  Usually wake c 0330 and think and think until c 0530.  Attention span has now widened.  i.e. I'll think about some 30 topics.  

Computing hours 

0700 - 0830    0900 - 1300    1430 - 1800 minus 30 mins  tea-time.

average 8.5 per day - 59.5 hrs a week.


That situation prevailed until 7 Jan save Xmas Day and perhaps one other.

This is from my CBT website:

On Tuesday 8 January, woke at 0930 and decided not to put the computer on until 1130.  Worked as normal for the rest of the day.  I believe that the improved sleep was due to the idea that Chris Barden has taken note of the website.  I understand all the reasons for the delay.  However, I said that if anyone is to understand me, it’s all in the website.

Wednesday – woke at 0820 and computer start time was noon.  Did far less than usual in the afternoon.  Fell asleep after lunch. Recent normality dictates a rush to the computer so as not to fall asleep.

Thursday – woke at  c 0400  and decided to stay put.  Probably c 0520 went to sleep until 0900-ish.  Didn’t start computing until noon and focused on this letter via the website.  The main part is there. 

Today, Friday 11 Jan.  A somewhat troubled night including No. 2 below.  Main aspect was that I didn’t get up early to start computing.

Saturday and Sunday as follows:

Computing hours 

0700 - 0830    0900 - 1300    1430 - 1800 minus 30 mins make tea

average 3 per day - 21 hrs for the week.


The new situation or regimen prevailed to Mon 14 Jan as follows:

36 hrs total for the week.  6 hours midnight oil on one night.

Average for the two weeks 28.5 hours.  A bit more than half the previous average - 59.5.

Here is an overview of the 36 hour week.

The time-start computing column - Monday 14th none done, the next day - 1500.  Sitting with Teresa over breakfast is new within the time period.  Additional to making porridge, I now cook stewed fruit every three days and serve it every day.  

Here are some of the sites which demanded attention.  The quantity is more important to note than the detail.

See the U3A page here.  There were various Publisher docs to go with it, not shown.

A meeting at Hereford College took a very long time to prepare.  More than the 0400 start on the day.  COR is the restaurant.  here

Within the links on that page are these here 

A few samples:   


other websites  here  here  not here


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