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The reader's time for discussion is limited.   The purpose of this page is to provide more info beyond what can be discussed on the day.

The agenda might include:

  1. A lunch in COR for 30 Ross U3A Pub Lunches Group members and parking.
  2. A late Robert Burns event - accepted that it may be unrealistic. However, short notice is an asset.
  3. A follow-up publication in the IWFS journal.
  4. Other publicity
  5. Helping Level 2 & 3 Hospitality students in their job applications.
  6. Gastrotourism - wider teaching
  7. A talk on the way supermarkets deceive us.  Perhaps across the college.

A late Robert Burns event

The topic was suggested to the H lecturers on 4 January within a list of topics I might be involved in. 

Here is the list before each was outlined:  blue text updates it.

1   Our discussion  - can it be soon?    I look forward to a discussion with the lecturers.

2   Robert Burns

         2a   Timing
         2b   Cross-college
         2c   Not much notice is an asset     It is still an asset.  In the H industry, a request could land with only a few days notice.
         2d   Rabbie in detail
         2e   Website design

3   U3A booking for 30 Jan   I visited COR to pay the deposit and to find out how to proceed

4   Photos   

Presented students with their copy of the journal.  more  The photos are part of helping Level 2 & 3 Hospitality students in their job applications.

5   The competitions   It has been a consideration-balance of not pushing the U3A booking aspects against the branch deadlines etc.

6   My knifebox    

7   IWFS event  - delay to May if it is to operate.

Source - To Hospitality lecturers. 4 Jan

A follow-up publication in the IWFS journal.

The editor has requested an article on the year in the life of one of your Hospitality students.  I had previously outlined something else.  more    

Other publicity

When the swans were being prepared, Amy Howard took all the photos and supervised the final article vis a vis HCT interests.  Amy and Les were informed that a webpage had been created if of use for other publicity. here    If to be used, I will edit it according to HCT requirements.  Perhaps there could be a link to it from the HCT website.  And/otherwise, all material can be used at any time.  

View all photos presented by Amy for use in the article.  There are other photos from when students were given their journals.

Helping Level 2 & 3 Hospitality students in their job applications

Emphasis is placed on students doing a fair amount of work themselves. They are shown more.

Website design links here  -  en route to No. 2 and then students in No. 1 pending college management decision     see footnote

A few samples:   

personal ( "In time, we can use an email address provided by the college so that everyone can add pages and experiment."  ) 

other websites  here  here  not here

As we go through creating a free-mini-website geared to job applications, I would show the students pages which have wider relevance such as Broccoli and Sprouts and pages around them.  

Gastrotourism - wider teaching

Elsewhere in the college, Gastrotourism could be considered.  " The perpetual story is that this site is unmanageably cumbersome." source   If there is sufficient interest, the more-than-several pages need considerable updating.  Removal of updates in itself daunting.  Some pages suffer text-size reduction at present.

There are some pages, parts of pages which are relevant to H students.  Consider this, this, this this and Self Discipline here.


A talk on the way supermarkets deceive us.

A talk with an open audience is here.  Parts of it might be put to Hospitality students as part of their food awareness.

Other talks to be identified. 

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